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said the thing that made the difference in Colton recovery was the support he got from his family.

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Tammy said that miracle has been tarnished by a Rusk County jury which found 29 year old Christopher Prejean not guilty of aggravated assault after he was accused of shooting Colton.

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With every passing day Colton is getting stronger.

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"Before I ever went into that courtroom," Tammy said. "And actually months before that happened, I had to forgive him, so that I can be where I am today."

Colton goal for the future is to "be normal again."

"You just never give up as a mom," Tammy said. "I never Converse Dainty Black Mid gave up on Colton and I never stopped fighting for him."

The people at Trinity Mother Frances Rehabilitation in Tyler Converse Black Low Tops

A young Henderson man who fought for his life after being shot in the head is a year and a half into what many would consider a miraculous recovery. Colton Wallace has been going through rehab for more than a year after doctors told his family the September 2011 shooting would essentially leave him as a vegetable.

"[I want to] go to college and for UTI," Colton said. "I want to be an automotive technician."

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"I would Converse For Girls Low Top Blue

was a friend of a friend who claimed the gun went off during a party by accident.

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not forgive him," Colton Wallace said. "I wouldn do it at all."

´╗┐Henderson man makes amazing recovery after being shot

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"He really progressed very well," Amy Hedgecock, and occupational therapist with Trinity Mother Frances Rehabilitation and HealthSouth, said. "More than I would have expected."

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