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Converse For Girls Low Top Purple

Search teams made up of RCMP, military, and utility company personnel continue door to door searches. RCMP continues to receive calls related to the welfare of High River residents. Missing persons list fluctuates and peaks at 65 at height of the disaster.

to focus on personal matters. At least 10 employees who worked during the initial flood response were themselves impacted by it. Several lost their homes, while others sustained significant property loss.

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Local High River RCMP personnel are relieved of their duties to allow them Converse For Girls White

By late afternoon the RCMP reports that approximately 600 air rescues have been successfully executed. RCMP confirms two flood related deaths and reports another person is presumed dead. Door to door home searches are underway. The first unsecured firearms are taken into RCMP possession when search a team finds 50 unsecured guns in plain view under a crib in a child bedroom.

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Converse For Girls Low Top Purple

Sunday, June 23

Monday, June 24

by the Town of High River Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). All available local officers are called in to work to assist. An hour later the Town of High River declares a State of Local Emergency (SOLE).

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RCMP News Release: Southern Alberta Flood Update Pets

Door to door searches end after search teams locate 326 residents in their homes and 28 evacuate with police assistance. One woman is rescued by boat. During the search, six cadaver dogs make on several residences but RCMP divers find no human casualties.

Divers continue underwater search of buildings and submerged vehicles looking for casualties and structural damage.

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High River Declares state of emergencyThe RCMP, as the police service of local jurisdiction, is engaged to assist in evacuation and perimeter security. Throughout the morning, the RCMP receives reports of people being swept away or trapped in vehicles, and many calls related to whereabouts of elderly residents and children.

Converse For Girls Low Top Purple

Converse For Girls Low Top Purple

In the early morning hours, flooding extends to areas of town that are not yet evacuated. RCMP receives report of three large explosions believed to be due to power outages. The town has no power due to downed power lines. Canadian Armed Forces personnel assist RCMP in evacuation and search and rescue operations.

Deaths in High River Flooding

Of 4,666 homes and businesses searched to confirm vacancy, 754 locations involve forced entry by police. High River EOC Director asks the RCMP to escort building inspection teams made up of representatives from gas and electrical companies, Alberta Health and locksmiths. RCMP stops accommodating evacuee requests for retrieval of personal items, like passports, from evacuated homes. Seventeen people remain on the missing persons list in High River.

RCMP News Release: RCMP Led Teams Rescue High River Residents

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Converse For Girls Low Top Purple

after electrical power is restored. The believed cause is an over heated appliance left plugged in when residents evacuated. Due to safety concerns, the High River EOC Director asks the RCMP to begin escorting municipal pet rescue personnel. In most cases, homes entered for this purpose have already been searched.

A fire occurs in a home Womens White Leather Converse High Tops

The search operation is suspended at nightfall due the lack of available utility personnel to accompany Converse For Girls Low Top Purple search teams. Risks are too high without this measure in place. Sink holes, road erosion and submerged debris present significant dangers. RCMP provides update on flood deaths, pet rescue and home searches. Based on eyewitness accounts and the severity of conditions, a temporary morgue is established outside of town in anticipation of more flood related fatalities.

RCMP News Release: Alberta RCMP Confirm Converse High Tops Mens 13

RCMP News Release: High River Flooding Update

RCMP News Release: Attempted Breach of Perimeter at High River

Wednesday, June 26

Friday, June 21

Saturday, June 22

An intoxicated male attempts to breach a perimeter checkpoint. He brandishes a knife and is arrested.

By mid day, the Alberta RCMP Special Tactical Operations (STO) is engaged and 30 officers are deployed to High River where detachment loses computer connections. Approximately 150 people remain stranded in trees or on roof tops. RCMP receives report of a possible flood related fatality. the Town of High River issues a mandatory evacuation order. Land and marine rescue operations continue throughout the night. The town is without sewer, water and landline telephone services. Only Rogers cellular telephone service is available.

´╗┐High River Flood Response Timeline

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