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Converse Models

Converse Models

When geographical features enter into the name game, it would be hard to stem a popular flow toward the Flood.

Converse Models

Wolves or Wolverines are cool names, and appropriately alliterative, but I can't remember seeing either animal, even in a taxidermist's shop, during my year as a Winnipeg resident. Of course, Wolverine is the state nickname of the state of Michigan and the team name of University of Michigan even though it's highly likely no wolverine ever set paw in that state.

That spurious suggestion, offered by my Twitter alter ego humourmetom last week, certainly would celebrate that western city's historic role as supply centre for the Canadian prairie's grain farms. So would the Winnipeg Wheat. markets don't give a frozen horse turd about hockey. We call that Bettmanomics.

A name that would truly fit the spirit of Winnipeg and its sturdy citizens, and I say that with great admiration and fondness for both, is the Wild. franchises.

If the Atlanta Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg and it seems a done deal as I write this column should they be called the Winnipeg Threshers?

If it came from Winnipeg's history as an air transportation centre, Air Canada moved it's headquarters to Montreal so long ago that the team should have been called the Portage and Main Propellers.

recent photos suggest the 72 year old is more like a grey Lancaster bomber.

Historical monikers show some promise, although the Winnipeg Settlers wouldn't strike fear into anyone's heart, except perhaps the Manitoba Metis (and names with native associations are a no no these days).

Blue Bombers, another great name, belongs in the Canadian Football League.

For there are oodles of names out there that might be suitable for a Winnipeg NHL team, names that celebrate the city's history or geography, names that are flashy or foolish or both.

but who in their right mind would want to lace them up for the Goldeyes?

Converse Models

If what was originally a World Hockey Association team name came from it first superstar, Bobby Hull the Golden Jet, pioneer of the slapshot and the hair transplant, Womens Converse Dainty Navy

If, as seems to be the case, the name came from a long defunct junior team owned by Jets founder Ben Hatskin, who remembers and who cares?

Had it been the Phoenix Coyotes moving north, another sure thing until just a few weeks ago, they could have been renamed the Winnipeg Gretz (after Wayne Gretzky, one time part owner and hockey legend who, like the Jets, emerged from the WHA).

But I wonder if the Jets moniker might not legally belong to the Phoenix Coyotes, or to their bankruptcy trustee.

Converse Models

Converse Models

But I'd suggest the city fall back on a gimmick employed by some of its most famous native sons, the phenomenally successful rock group of the late 1960s and 1970s, and inject some mystery into its National Hockey League team name.

Falcons has been suggested, after the Winnipeg based hockey team that won the first Olympic gold medal in hockey for Canada (or the birds that nest high in the city's tallest buildings). That's classy, but seems to be treading on sacred ground.

Moose is a great name, but it belongs to the Manitoba Moose of the American Hockey League.

Maroons and Monarchs are other venerable names associated with the city.

Converse Models

The name Converse Dainty Ox Grey

Even if they're entitled to revive it, they shouldn't.

Converse Models

"Jets" belongs to the past.

But in colder seasons (and Winnipeg has lots of those) the names Wind, Winter, Windchill or perhaps Deep Freeze could be hot contenders.

Converse Models

Converse Models

I prefer the Red River Rebels (after Louis Riel's insurrection in 1869) or the Strikers (after the bloody general strike of 1919).

During a brief year in residence in Winnipeg, I experienced topographical deprivation from time to time and would head for the therapeutic comfort of one of two recreational hills the city had constructed on the sites of old garbage dumps. So I sort of like the irony of Manitoba Mountain.

Even the Manitoba Mint, after Winnipeg's Royal Canadian Mint, has a nice ka ching to it.

Anyone who has spent a summer evening in Winnipeg's swampy suburbs might suggest the most appropriate species name for that city's team Converse Models would be the Mosquitos. Milne). That's pretty well guaranteeing the team would never rise out of the league toilet.

´╗┐Here's what's in a name

Converse Models

The NHL franchise probably could acquire the name of Winnipeg's baseball team, Converse Sandals For Ladies

Converse Models

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